Wizard Scorecard App Reviews

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Great UPdate

Great Update... thanks! Can you please add "blind scoring" where it hides each players bid until the scores are entered? You could just pass the phone to each person they enter their bid and when hand is over it shows all bids and goes on from there. We play this way all the time and it makes it more interesting.

Great app

I love it and choose this app over any other for scoring.

Easy Peasy

This app make scoring a breeze! Thanks

Worth it!

Love it. Works great except for scorecard sharing. That has never worked. Doesn't matter to me though. Easy to use.

Love this. Works great.

I know the other review mentioned it crashes, but I have never had a problem at all. We love this app. Easy to use. We put it on the iPad and the. Everyone can see the scorecard.

App Crashing

For a paid app, I would expect it to be crash free but currently it is unusable.


Cannot keep score after loading os8.will not go to a new game

Great App

This app is easy to understand and use, makes the game so much more fun! Also download the Scorecard Viewer which is great to share your scores/games with others playing on their device. The best thing is there are no math mistakes made. Well worth the $1.99.


This is the best card game ever! Perfect family game. Just the right amount of cutthroat to steer up the right amount of drama to make a card game fun. This app just makes it so easy to keep track of everyones bids, score, and how over or under bid you are. Plus, it adds the score automatically. Just remember, we all still love each other. It's just a game! Don't take it so personal! :-)


So much easier to score! Great features, easy to read rules, easy to use. Great game!

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